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We are in the industry with a decades experience, Initially we started catering clients with the packaging industry "INDIA CARTONS", After gaining experience and due to immense pressure from the industry which was a result of our Service and Customer relationship we extended our business in the field of trading targeting the materials which the industry experts were facing difficulties in procuring from other supply chain,

Since 2013 SA International has been catering to the often demanding and constantly changing needs of the Indian leather footwear industry, Extensive expertise from start-to¬end solutions for the leather and footwear industry with detailed product line extending to finishing operations.

SA International serves in leather chemicals, finished leather, footwear components business for over 3years in India and has built up considerable expertise in leather processing and leather finishes, SA International has built by trained technical manpower to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the results what they are looking for.

SA International is globally associated with best leather chemical manufactures and footwear components developers from Italy, China, Spain and India, We are in a position to recommend the best service to meet clients specifications.

SA International provides a complete technical service to the customer from chemical specification to sourcing and testing, thus ensuring total quality systems that enhance the reputation of our clients and our major strength with flexible payment terms which is extended from 3 to 6 months, sometimes payment terms will extended till a year for our special and reputed clients.

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